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I Can't Stand My Parents!

Ugh, it sucks! I am already 22 years old, and I am still living with my parents! They are such buffoons! I am NOT a child anymore! It is so embarrasing that I still get my allowance, because I can't find a job anywhere, and plus I am not allowed to drive due to my seizure conditions.

Man, I wish my parents were dead right now!!!!
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Bored, bored, bored

Jeez, the friggin' New Year's started and I've not nothing to fucking do. All I can fucking do is type on the iPad keyboard, writing down this shit. Walls are fucking closing in on me;  I'm getting friggin' sick and tired of sitting around in my motherfucking bedroom all fucking day long!!! I'm gonna suffocate in this shithole if I do some motherfucking thing to do!!!! I'm getting sick and tired of those baby books that are in my bookshelf, and all this shit in my bedroom is driving me insane!!!

I feel like nobody can fucking hear me scream at all!!!!